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December 23, 2012


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I COPIED DOWN ALL THE RP FOR A REASON. If you missed the RP where the CBC cats meet Pathogen, in a way, now you did not since I copied it all down. :3

I also personally wanted to save this. It's important to me, and now I can read over it when ever I want. >: D

Note: My posts were hella long... I was like, writing a fucking book. o_o

Pathogen: -Slowly, the darken figure stalked through the 'gates' of the Dirty-Brick clearance. Reinforcements clashed with the uneven, rugged pavement, muscles that packed below pelting sliding and rippling with each powerful stride. The old, inflicted scars that laced and crossed throughout the jet-obsidian pelt were 'complimented' by the low lighting, somewhat of a grin plastered upon the Hellion's facial features. Mauled tassel gave a flicker before halting, broad skull tilting upwards to meet the eyes of each ColdBloods Clan feline that dotted the small enclosed area, a gleam catching off the skull mask that mounted itself upon the left most side of his face. Visionaries of icy miss-matched hues held a natural daunting, intimidating energy, though the pools  would seem to brighten up slightly with what appeared as excitement... Massive jaws parted with words, the rows of vigorous killing tools within them revealed for slight moments.- "Ah... Salutations. It's been a long time now, has it not?" -A low, rasped, yet eerie snicker would sound with the speech that had previously split through the silence like an iron blade. He awaited patiently, taking in the faces of each feline... yes... he remembered and recalled some of them from his previous life. He would wait... wait for the reaction of the survivors.-  

LeafTail: "Eh...they probably got into the catnip again. And....evil cats aren't just that, evil. We have sort of similar normal lives like everyone else." she repiled. -Something would stop her from her to continuing to speak. She then saw a black cat with a skull over one side of his face, and he was covered in multiple scars. The most peculiar thing about him was that his eyes were two different colors, silver and blue. "Wh-who are you?" she asked, feeling like she should be scared of this tom.

o-It-o: *It, who had somehow managed to sleep through all the talking in the clan, was awoken by the sounds, and smell of a new cat. Almost instantly, the herm slave rose to her paws, her newborn kits somehow not being awoken by the suddan movement. Carefully, her over-protection of her kits making her cautious, she took a slow step out of the suitcase, her hackles already raising as she stared at the tom through cautious eyes.*

KennethJBriskus: Brisk turned his head quickly to the...frightening tom to enter. "SIHGD" He gasped, sliding back and clawing at the pavement until he was shielded by LeafTail. "What a wuss." FernSong muttered to herself as she saw the stranger, Brisk. Was she alerted by him? Yes, but she did not worry about him because if he did anything wrong LeafTail would strip his windpipe from his throat in seconds. Her ears perked, though expression remaining calm as she saw the large tom step in. Another feeling inside of her jumped. And it made her stomach turn. Her tail lashed, turning her head and snapping "Come here!" To her sister, who should be not too far. Spiral rose her head from her paws. She was near LastResort(<-<), resting while her paw and tail were injured. The sight of the strange large feline startled her, and made her nearly pass out. This heavy cat was fearless strength wise, but was as shaky as a kitten on the inside. "Dear god." She huffed, facing her muzzle into her paws.

Quickfoot: The 'decorated' figure would slide forward, the narrowed optics held closely. "Pantherstar." She hissed, though it was not in a 'hatred' manner of speaking, merely only slight surprise contained. She stepped back, mingling among the others, avoiding his gaze. "I did not expect to see you so soon again, as much as I'd want to."

Twistedpaw: The neophyte raised his cranium and his optics flashed upon the tom as he spoke. Something about this cat gave him a familiar chill. He did not speak, however, he felt he had nothing to say. He locked his gaz eon the heavy tom and examined him a couple of times before he went into his thoughts.

Priklekit: Stoneclaw immediatly leaped to the sound of claws hitting the gravel. The moon reflected off his grimy pelt that clung to his frail frame. He gulped when he saw Pathogen and let out a yowl, "ALL HAIL PATHOGEN!" He bowed on his trash can, claws screeching up against it. Stoneclaw leaped down next to Pathogen and murmured, "I'll explain later. Pantherstar, sir." He melted back into the crowd of alley cats and bowed with them, appearing ordinary to everyone. [End.]

Romania: Beetle's ears twitched slightly as he heard a ..stranger's voice. Her head snapped towards were the voice was coming from and noticed a large, to her Tom with a skull over his left eye? It was also covered in scars.." Miss..leaf who is that?" She asked in a worried tone.. of course she wasn't scared of the tom it's just probally a.. homeless Idiot who thinks he could come in here, and make the clan his. Her tail twitched as she trotted towards Leaftail.// Cupcakes let out a soft growl as she also smelled the stranger, really not giving a fuck in the world who he is.. since either way something bad was going to happen.. then again it may be good. her ears flickered as she scooted to the trash cans, watching the Black tom like a hawk.

xGlintpaw: -Glint saw the black feline.-"...Who is that.."-She said, not likely surprised, her voice wasn't even surprised, but in the inside suspectedly, she wanted to know who this feline was, after the death of Pain their old leader, or so maybe it was their new leader or someone who just stole food from her. They'll have to find out soon, Glint sat, weird gaze on her face, until she looked at all of the scars, and the face parted with a skull.-"Dear mother."-She mewed.-"Must be one hell of a badass feline..Maybe he went through tough things at a young age, how badass."-She joked, laughing at her little joke.-"Ehehehe."-She giggled and snorted sharply.-

Cody: -LastResort padded out of the den, tassle flicking lightyly.- "...Hmm?" -He asked.. What was all the commotion about? Tassle flickered lightly.- "What's going on?!" -He growled.. he just woke up.. Apparently. CoconutMask was sitting somewhat near it, staring at the tom.- "..oh.." -She muttered, as the yellow lemon, Pharaohkit, bounced around, not noticing a thing.-

Pathogen: -Once again, rigid eyes of the Hellion took in the reactions of the ColdBlooded ones... those of awe, fright, confusion, aggression.... A flurry of questions trailed towards him, causing Pathogen to give an amused snigger. Once again, the cages of jaws would part. Decorative ring of trophies slipping a bit lower over his throat due to it's looseness, it's stone grey pattern distinctive. Words soon would emit.- "Do not fret my children... I will answer your questions within a matter of only a minutes' time..." -Almost instantly as he were done talking, the Hellion gave an unexpected act of movement. Within only a bound he had cleared the carcass lengths that divided his paws from the rock pavement and the tin cans above that contained rubbish and trash. Reinforced tools of killing would collide with the metallic surface, sending a muffled ringing throughout the clearance. Gaze was swept upon the residents below, once again words would depart from his muzzle.- "I am called Pathogen... better known as PantherStar to you all in the past. The darkness... it has guided me well. It has allowed me to set paw in the walking world once more... The BlackBlood still resides within me. It has been prophesied that I am to rule over you once more, at the death scene of your old Commander, my son, Pain..." -Pausing briefly, tassel once again would crack to the lateral, continuing on.- "I have been observing you in hiding for a bit now, ever since you ended up in this place. My kits, Septic, Stained, and Rogue have done me well..." -A smirk began to once again appear upon somewhat pointed dial. Tail flicking in dismiss as the speech came to an end.-

LeafTail: -Green eyes widening, she should have been into shock. But no, instead she ran up to as close as she could get to Pathogen, and did a bow(do cats bow). "All hail Pathogen." she said

Quickfoot: The speech once readied would end, silenced instead to let others talk. Long, thick lined claws hung limply from their homes, as the collar that rang with seperate 'melodies' as they clacked together hung loosely around the flattened fur. She did not bow, or make any source of movement, only glared. Now she could speak. "So you're back." came the simple hiss. "Are you supposed to be our new rector? Is it really that simple?"

Romania: Beetle flickered her ears slightly at this.. Pathogen." So your basically a germ?" She meowed loudly, hidding behind Leaf.// Cupcakes chuckled slightly, her tail flickering slightly.

Twistedpaw: The tom's ears pricked up now intersted in the words that were releaed fromt he muscular tom's mouth. He felt his tail lash to and fro as he thought if this cat was telling the truth. He sure knew enough to be Pain. His optics were locked on this familiar yet unknown tom. His mind scrambled with questions, fur he did not know what to believe. This cat seemed likes their only hope of surviving now. They may be cold bloods but the alley was not familiar to some of them.

Cody: -There was a huff from the ivory and ebony colored tom, a smirk forming on his lips.- "PantherStar, eh?" -He purred. PantherStar, he heard of this cat many times before. Violent, reckless, and powerful. The other felines of the clan talked about him, alot. Silver collar glinted as he rose his cranium, crystalline orbs glittering. CoconutMask blinked, cocking her cranium.. How could this be Pantherstar?.. She was too intimated to ask.... PharaohKit looked at her sister, evergreen orbs wondering.- "Whose PantherStar?" -She muttered quietly to her sister... She was just turned into an apprentice.. She didn't know everything..-

xGlintpaw: -Glint heard the name Pain.-"Wait wait.."-She mewed, wolfing his two front paws around.-"You know Pain?, the one who helped me in the worst avalanche..?"-She frowned, pinning her throns to her dome, and she finally said her last question.-"Your the reincarnation of Pantherstar?"-She mewed, weirdly, she just wanted answers from the known feline as 'Pathogen', coming closer, from the two trash cans to Pathogen, a short tempered growl held in her throat.-"...Yes you must've been tough at a young age with those scars and skull."-She mewed, and sat down curling her tail around her paws.-"Pity.."-And by that, she just went silent.-Do do do...

Stoneclaw: Stoneclaw resigned from his previous position and stood, his head bowed, to Pathogen. "I'm sorry I let them into the alleys," he paused. "They seemed to be of good use to us, they had potential. One, called It, has brought new life. Many Rising Ones came with them, and I figured that the more felines here would help the Dirty Blocks grow and overcome our greatest obstacle: man. But then the earthquake...then a new idea came. They could provide us with life.", he stopped and sighed. "I accept any punishment you decide I should recieve, sir, and I would be greatful to have one." He looked up, and backed away, padding toward the ColdBloods. "I told you guys to be prepared. I warned you that he could do many things, and he would always be watching. I warned you, so you could be prepared for the upcoming danger called Pathogen," he hissed. "It was your own stupidity to take my words for granted." He turned and crouched before Pathogen, awaiting his punishment. "Do your worst."

Cody: -Cody shook his cranium.. He was not startled at all, as he resided with this cat.- "Heheh, Path, you sure scare the critters." -He muttered quietly to himself.-

Pathogen: -A glare was shot towards and individual feline, QuickFoot, due to her words. Ignoring the 'punishment' StoneClaw expected, right here and right now was not the time.- "I am your only hope of survival in this city place, QuickFoot..." -He remembered the female from the past, he already knew her title. Perhaps that was proof enough of him being the true reincarnation of PantherStar.- "I know every paw step of this land... and you are running low on supply." -Gliding down from the heights of the tin can, destination was to be carried right beside it. With only the simple lean of the well built anatomy upon it's lateral, the metallic can had toppled over due to it's lightness from now being empty. It's lid slipping off, what spilled from the can was a few carcasses of fish... torn wrappers... mauled condiments... Speech once again would surface, tassel pointing towards the evidence that supported his last statement.- "Do you all want to be picked off slowly by hunger and neglect of shelter? I was the original Commander of the line of clans you all are within now..." -Frayed auds perked as a supposed insult was shouted from the crowed of once ColdBloods Clan cats. An amused sneer sounded, smirk curling upon dial.- "Funny you should ask. I am not only a germ... I am a plague, I am a virus, upon the very existence of the feline race. Follow me now, just as you did in the past, and you will not hold one regret, my friends..." -Visionaries slid towards the sound of the next comment, spoken by the one titled as 'GlintPaw'.- "I am young, though I carry countless moons of wisdom. I have carried the burden of my past life with me into this new beginning..."

Cody: "Impressive." -The LastResort chuckled.- "Hmm, there is no way not to believe in you." -With that, he padded forward.- "I guess I'll follow.. Won't hurt anything.." -CoconutMask also stood.-"I will too... It seems... Ok... We do need shelter.." -Cody rolled his yellow gems.- "Who else?" -He grumbled.-

Twistedpaw: The neophyte felt his eyes become wide with awe. This cat just recited the prophecy that been pain's dying words. He felt his maw part for a moment to speak but he shut it not letting a word escaping him. He wasn't a cat of many words.

Quickfoot: Claws would now tap the dented surfacing, anger glazed upon the optics. "I could survive on my own, thanks." Her head would lower, not in a bow, but in only slight misery. "If I must, I will except you as a leader." Her eyes widened as the last sentence would emit. "Tell me...have you come only to rule over us once again, just upon the only reason that you were our old ruler?"

LeafTail: "Sir. We welcome you as our leader. Show us the way to finding our former glory!" she asked, looking very stupid right now.

Romania: Beetle, The one that called out padded from behind her suposely 'master' Leaf, and frowned." But wait if we don't want you as a leader? I mean .. Not to be rude mister but seriously.... And what would you do for us, if we allowed yo-." She was cut off from her ..Masters voice." You don't even know the guy and you welcome him as a leader? All we know, he could be a liar." She huffed, twitching her black tail.

StoneClaw: Stoneclaw felt neglected. All he did was give Pathogen a little early Christmas present. Stoneclaw dragged himself to the suitcase, ignoring the mewling kittens, and grabbing all the food in the pocket. He dropped it in front of Pathogen, a whole pile of mice, fish, and birds. "Animals in the forest have come to the city, hoping to find protection from the animals that moved out of the city and into the forest, giving us easy prey. And they're not as weak as they seem, they're a heavy burden. All I want to do is rest...", he huffed, pulling over to the garbage can with a hole in it, curling up beside it. Better leave them alone. [End; gtg.]

LeafTail: "Quiet slave! Look at him! He closely matches the description of Pantherstar! We need a strong leader right now!" she hissed at her slave. "Now, be quiet or I'll throw you against the wall again!"

o-It-o: *It continued to just stare at the tom through aggresive eyes. She didn't know who Pantherstar was, nor did she care. She didn't care if he a lowly scrap, or a powerful leader. All she knew was that if he was such a 'powerfull leader', he was nothing more to her than a threat to her. Quietly, she let out a quiet hiss at Pathogen, before she crept back into the suitcase and crouched next to her kits, staring at Pathogen.* "So a randomn cat just strolls in, claiming leadership, and proposing to a cat from the dead." *She snorted, lashing her tail.* "I'd expect mice to grow 10 feet and go on a rampage through the camp if I would belive your story."

Romania: Beetle flickered her ears and shurgged." Sorry miss leaf but.. I really don't know who this 'Pantherstar." Is ..nor do I know who Pain is..." She muttered slilently, flickering her ears.

LeafTail: "Well, if you paid attention more you would know!" she hissed. -Ignoring the other cats yells of calling him a liar, she would dip her head respectively toward the cat. "I'm sorry for the behavior of my slave sir." she apologized.

Romania: " Thank you, It!" Beetle called over quickly, Finally a cat that is smart, and not so idiot who thinks.' Oh hey, a cat that looks like Panther and claims to have a son named Pain strolls in,Lets make him leader!' ." And you get on to me, for pointing out the truth?" She mumbled, her ears twitched as well as her tail.

LeafTail: "Well, why don't we ask LastResort to see if he could talk to Pain. Then we will have our answer." she hissed back.

xGlintpaw: -Glint looked at Pathogen.-"Young..Yes very young."-She mewed.-"But I don't see why you are leading a clan if you're young.Well not that young."She mewed, she wasn't scared at all..never was she scared..she was when the Avalanche happened but she was rarely even scared, fur not bristled, nothing. she wasn't even gonna do is scurry off randomly, she just stood there, like nothing happened. Her bulk(back)fur was just A TINY bit surprised now.-

Cody: -LastResort growled at Leaftail, revealing fangs.- "Do you just THINK I can sit here and call PAIN?!" -He growled.- "No, no I cannot, but I will follow this cat, I have a good feeling about him.. I have a feeling we do know him." -He huffed, lashing his tassle.- "And Beetle, shut your pathetic face! You are just a kit, you have no right to stand up to older felines. Understood?" -He growled, Austrailian/British accent strong. Cody sighed.-

Speckledpelt: Just awoken by the sudden commotion, Speckled came out from within the trashcan, only to see a large black cat. "What's going on and who is this?" Her tassle twitched in Pathogen's direction. "Why do we have an imposter in our camp?"

Romania: Beetle fluffed up her fur as she heard the .. ugly ass be rude."Pathic face? You think just because i'm a kit I have to be pathic? At least I can speak out, and act like myself around a stranger, unlike you quite idots She hissed back, rising to her paws and stomping away." And also, Last. Do us all a favor and go fuck Yourself." She snapped, running towards her hidding spot,The Brown slave cat known as Cupcakes.

LeafTail: -Rolling her eyes, LeafTail thought about it for a moment and thought of an idea. A genius idea. "Pathogen, do you know who was your daughter?" she asked, knowing only the true Pantherstar would know the answer to that one.

Cody: -That was it.. LastResort slammed a paw on the back of the kits neck, yellowish reinforcments sliding out of their sockets, sinking into the delicate fur.- "Now, hun, you better shut your face before I make you have your last little breath? Okay?" -He growled. He grabbed the kits scruff, slamming her at a wall, sitting back on his haunches.- "Now, where were we?"

LeafTail: "Oh and Last, can you try not to kill my slave? She may not look like much but I need her." she asked LastResort, not really caring that much

o-It-o: *Almost instantly, It snapped towards Lastresort.* "Oh bug off!" *It hissed.* "The next time you say something even slightly rude, I'll make sure that I crack you into a wall." *The slave hissed.*

Cody: -LastResort just ignored It.. Why should he listen to a such a low ranked creature? He stared at Leaf.- "I don't think that scrap can do much.." -He grumbled.- "Weaker than a flea"

LeafTail: "Well, its the only slave I got so please be careful." she called. "Its not like you can get one that easily..."

Romania: Beetle let out a small yelp as she hit the wall. " This clan and it's fucking walls..." She said with a small sigh, flickering her ears. 'Fucking Last, I hope he gets eaten alive....And how dare he call me Weak!' Beetle just sighed, her glaze locked on Last and her Master.

FluffMcFattykinz: Fat awoke suddenly, the sound of hissing filling his ears. His fur was bristled as it was his mate hissing at the other direction. He turned his head to see a brute of a cat, with his face half missing and scars covering his body. He wrapped Orange, Fluffy, and Prickle closer to him, tail on It's flank. 'Shh.. maybe if we're quiet, he won't notice us. It'll be okay..', he dipped his head towards her and licked her cheek.

Pathogen: -Pathogen took in the comments through raised auds, comprehending them. Once again words of his own would release.- "I am not here to gain power, I am only here to complete the destiny that I never completed in my past life." -Being questioned about his origins as PantherStar by the one known as 'LeafTail', he would pause. Deep within thought, recalling a series of events within his mind.- "Ah... I had many mates, many litters of kits... though I recall only the most remembered. FrozenDeath, my eldest daughter, MistSoul, my second... And of course, one of my last daughters... SandFoot. All were born in different litters and had different mothers I believe." -Not even giving Leaf a chance to reply, he would snap back to one of his loyals, StoneClaw, giving a nod of gratitude towards him.- "There is no time to rest now. We must depart..." -Raising his voice, he would speak out to all the residents.- "I give you a days notice to decide your choice... the choice of your fate. I will return next Night-Tide for your decision." -Taking the bundle of slaughtered game, caught by StoneClaw, within the cages of vigorous jaws, the Hellion began to make ways towards the exit. Though... he stopped short, just beside the Advanced Reviver, know as LastResort. Speaking muffled words through trapped prey, only so the medical tom could hear.- "You... you will be the one to obtain the sign from Pain tonight. You must deliver the message to your clan after this happens..." -Once again, Pathogen's voice would raise. Words that had been spoken once before, the dying words of Pain... also the reciting of the prophecy of Pathogen himself.- "Beware of the odd kit who will bare the resemblance of the BlackBlooded of the past... The ambitions and reputation of his host will spread like a disease, a virus, a plague.. striking terror with only the sound of his title throughout the land of the Dirty-Brick. The fallen forces of the ColdBlooded one will ascend upon him, the BlackBlood will rule once again..." -Ambulation carried the Hellion away from the clustered group of cats, pulling himself a top the fence that would lead him out. He looked back at the clan once more before giving a nod, bounding across the other side. Out of sight, Pathogen had made his exit.-

FluffMcFattykinz: He stared at the cat stalk away and nodded. 'Nice ass that cat has.. damn.', he snickered to himself before turning to It and chuckling. 'Hey, we came here. It's his territory. You gotta obey the rules, hun.', he shrugged. 'You never know, you could learn to like him.', he waggled his eyebrows before laughing

(LOL FAT. You earned my favorite post of the RP. x3)

If you missed the RPby PainOfColdBloods

Journals / Personal©2012-2014 PainOfColdBloods
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Man. XD

PainOfColdBloods Dec 24, 2012
No prob. <3
mariahmaemae Dec 24, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Omfg I drew a picture of that that post of Fat's XD ))
PainOfColdBloods Dec 24, 2012

I was going to draw something like that. xD

I wanna see when your done though. c:
mariahmaemae Dec 24, 2012  Student Digital Artist
PFFT. It's like a cheap shot one, But ill make something better <3 ))

Ah well it's my own fault for going to bed ;3;
FoxHeart23 Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I missed the roleplay,and I missed a shit load of stuff due to school and then work right after school But now I'm on fall break so I'll have alittle bit of time to get online tonight and tomorrow.OH! and before I forget to tell you Cursekit is the reincarnation of Darkheart.

Oh if only you guys could remember Darkheart,Jesus the only cat that I know that remembers Darkheart is stoneclaw.(FYI Stoneclaw was Darkheart's mate fuck long ago.)
EmoCatt Dec 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
If Bloodkit was there, she'd hop on Pathy and be like, "HOLY FUCK PANTHER. IT'S SO GOOD TO SEE YOU AGAIN /blahblahblah/...." XD
PainOfColdBloods Dec 23, 2012
EmoCatt Dec 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I was waiting for the reply:

Then Pathy would be all like, "HOLY FUCK BLOOD. I MISSED YOU AND I LOVE YOU AND /blahblahblah/..." :meow:
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